Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Premier Designs Jewelry

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Have you ever wanted to have an extra bit of income to help with Christmas, vacation, kids, a wedding, or just really need it for bills? Or have you ever wanted to have a GOOD extra income, say $25-$100 and hour, but did want to work that  much "extra". Well now you can and I will tell you how. I have always been a fan of Premier Jewelry, and love having parties and getting all my FREE(yes free) jewelry,.. but I just recently sat down and saw the benefits of this debt free Christian based business that has been running over 27 years and sooooo I became a seller of Premier Designs Jewelry! The opportunities are endless, to say the least! With Premier All their jewelry can be worn multiple ways and have a lifetime warranty on them- so they stand behind their great products!! You can't beat that!! And no your not spending hundreds or more on your jewelry pieces, your getting affordable high fashion jewelry! if you have questions about getting started or are interested in learning more OR just getting free Jewelry for passing around a catalog or want me to come do a home show please let me know and I would love to tell/show/explain more about it!!!

Here are some more jewelry pictures from my facebook album:>Premier Jewelry Album or paste this in your browser:



Premier Also does fundraisers for anyone and everyone!!! Schools? Churches? Ball Teams? 

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